Wednesday 5th June 2013 7:00AM

Today was supposed to be my lie in day but Pixie managed to get into the bedroom whilst her Daddy (Adam) was distracted by something. She stormed into the room and went straight to the french doors and looked out of the glass for a while. She pointed to the bucket of water outside and looked at me. “Bath!” She shouted as she remembered that she gave the stones in the garden a bath in it just the other day.
She then shouts “Bye window, see you in the morning!” How funny! Straight after though, she lost her footing and fell over. Obviously, as her mummy, I help her up but she stares at me and shouts “No Mummy!! Don’t do that!” and her little pointy finger waggles at me! Okay darling, I won’t help you up again… until the next time.



My name is Danni, and I am the mother to Pixie-Lou, who will soon be 19 months old. We live in Devon in the UK.

I have decided to start a blog as several people told me how funny my stories about her are and how I should blog about them… so here I am!



Here is the most recent photo of her, taken on the 3rd of June 2013. We were going for a walk in the woods near South Molton in North Devon. She loved paddling in the river and playing with grass, she is going to be an outside child that’s for sure!